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You will have a one-on-one personalized consultant on specific parent concerns or questions that you have. How many of us wish we could have an expert in our pocket!

Popular topics include

- Transition to or from a Montessori school or to the next level, for example, 

nursery school to lower elementary. 

- Montessori subject curriculum versus traditional education 

  • I can help demystify the wonderful Montessori math materials.

  • Help you understand what your child has completed and what lies ahead.

  • Explain how the subject areas are integrated.

- Finding appropriate after-school programs 

  • I can help you find a program that aligns with how the subject area is taught in class. 

  • A prevailing area I've encountered are in the sciences, math and technology. 

- How to incorporate technology in line with Montessori principles

  • A popular concern is the amount of technology in the home.

  • This is a passionate topic for me as I deal with it personally with my children in my home. 

- Implementing or reassessing the personalized in-home environment design

- Creating a collaborative relationship with your child's teachers 

  • We can work on what concerns and goals you have in order to create a partnership with your school.

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