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  • Starting a school or  early childhood education centre?

  • Considering accreditation?

  • Looking for the next leader of your organization?

  • Navigating government policy, licensing, or approval issues?

You can realize your vision. White Light Montessori Centre (WLMC) offers consulting services to Montessori schools and centres on a wide variety of topics and issues. WLMC's consultants and advisors have the understanding; awareness, network, skill and proficiency to successfully guide you and your institution on a variety of areas to help ensure a successful Montessori program. 

Every one of our consultants has years of experience as a seasoned teacher, administrator, or teacher trainer, or director of a training program. We have made every effort to ensure that our team members are second to none. 

Our consulting services offer supportive advice using a mentoring model to encourage best practice and improve the delivery of the Montessori programme. 

These services include:

Centre Establishment & Management

A division of WLMC aims to support early childhood education and care providers to achieve the highest quality Montessori early learning programming. From long day care services to preschools and toddler/parent programs, WLMC offers a range of consultancy services that reflect the diverse needs of the early childhood education and care industry. 

These include:

  • Centre design and establishment

  • Montessori learning programming

  • Staff training and development

  • Quality assurance and improvement

  • Operational management

Sale Of Montessori Teaching And Learning Materials

We provide for sale quality Montessori Teaching and Learning materials needed to carry out activities ranging from:

  • - Practical Life

  • - Sensorial 

  • - Language

  • - Mathematics

  • - Cultural Studies

All our materials are well prepared to meet the general standards for Montessori materials. Prices for materials are provided on request. 

Contact us with your teaching and learning materials requirements and you will be fully satisfied with our services.

Strategic Planning

WLMC offers the facilitation of strategic planning days covering topics such as values-based planning, the environmental context, vision, mission and goals, key elements, the strategic planning process, operational plans and appraisal processes.

School Boards

Espousing good governance, we advise on the key roles and responsibilities of Montessori School Boards and offer practical guidelines and resources and recommendations for cultivating a healthy and productive relationship with the Head of School. We can also be called upon to assist at times of change, expansion, difficulty, or for dispute resolution. With our aim to develop an ongoing relationships with all School Boards, the initial board visit and support phone calls are at no charge. Subsequent visits will be subject to consultant fees and reimbursement of travel expenses.

School Constitution

WLMC has developed a Montessori specific model school constitution. WLMC can provide your school with support on the issue of school governance and makes the model school constitution available to subscribing schools and centres.

Parent Education

A successful Montessori experience depends on the relationship between the child, teacher and parent. Parents should be encouraged to talk with teachers so that they can gain a deeper understanding of the processes that take place in a Montessori classroom. In addition, each school should work to help parents as a whole, understand the Montessori Method through Parent education classes, e-mails, various Montessori publications, and classroom Open Houses. Parents are not only your customers, but your best advertisers. WLMC is committed to helping you achieve the relationship that is crucial to the success of your school. Together, we can supply the knowledge, tools, and nurturing that parents often expect. We offer workshops that will dramatically enhance the relationship between your school and the parents.

Parent education classes and workshops can be scheduled on a need basis with a variety of subjects. Following is a partial listing of topics.

  1. Why attend a Montessori school

  2. Balancing school, work and family

  3. Understanding your child's feelings

  4. Developing high self-esteem

  5. Promoting critical thinking skills

  6. Self directed discipline

  7. Nurturing a creative environment

  8. Effective parent-child communication

  9. Promoting effective relationships between parents and teachers

  10. Understanding child development stages

  11. Dealing with aggression in the classroom

  12. Parent-teacher team building

Programme Consulting

WLMC is available for a range of other consulting services including on-site training, staff evaluations, mentoring and support, new or expanding programme development, successful Montessori curriculum implementation, specific day to day operations, faculty and staff trainings, parent orientation, and teaching policies, programme observations and reviews. Consultant’s visits include detailed observations, liaising with key management and staff, providing feedback and making recommendations. Consultants can also be engaged for additional on-site professional development and support.  Subscribing schools and centres have an opportunity to have an independent expert visit to analyse aspects of their operations to make studied recommendations for continuous improvement. These consultations are undertaken in a supportive and nurturing manner.

Montessori Curriculum Implementation, School Improvement and Evaluation 

As an organization that has developed programs, products, and services essential to the way Montessori educators teach and lead, WLMC is the leader in Montessori curriculum.

The true implementation of the Montessori curriculum and materials can only function inside the boundaries of one goal: to develop the full human potential. In doing so, we seek to promote and inspire academic excellence, promote discovery learning and imagination, and finally awaken the human spirit.

Working closely with your school and staff we carefully evaluate the materials that you currently use and if needed suggest changes or additions in order to ensure that a true Montessori educational curriculum is fully implemented. We at WLMC believe that the correct use of materials and curriculum allows for Dr. Montessori's vision to be fully realized. A vision that focuses on creating a better world by allowing children to discover their capacity, learn without boundaries, and explore the joy of becoming lifelong learners.

Consulting Rates

Our consulting rates are on a pro-rated basis plus travel expenses and accommodation as applicable.
Consulting Services are available to Montessori or aspiring  Montessori schools and centres only. 

Email us at for consulting services enquiries.

Interested in becoming a Consultant?

WLMC requires a pool of uniquely qualified consultants committed to serving the needs of the Montessori community.

If you are interested in becoming a consultant, please email to request an Expression of Interest form. 

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