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This course  introduces you to Montessori system and its uniqueness. It introduces you to the Life and works of the founder Dr. Maria Montessori, her method, theories and philosophy. Topics ranging from sensitive periods in children, preparing the environment, control of error, rules of Montessori materials and pedagogical presentations are all covered in necessary detail in this course. Following are the main topics covered in this manual.

  • - Life and Works of Dr. Montessori, Her Method and Philosophy

  • - Concepts of Prepared Environment, Control of Error, Freedom of Choice, Sensitive Periods, Mixed Age Groups, Access and Proportion, etc.

  • - Phases of Development

  • - Your Role as a Montessori Directress

  • - How to Present Lessons in Montessori Way

  • - How to Organize and Manage a Montessori classroom


  • Those who wish to train as Montessori teachers with children between the ages of 0 and 6 years of age

  • Pre-school teachers who want to gain more understanding of the Montessori Method

  • Individuals seeking a career change

  • Practicing teachers who wish to participate in Montessori education

  • Parents and caregivers who wish to gain and understanding of the child through the eyes of Montessori. 


Submit a completed application form by mail, in person or online with:
• A current resume
• Payment of the non-refundable N10,000.00 application fee

On receipt of your complete application package (including application fee), you will be contacted for confirmation of acceptance. No interview is required.


For the Montessori Philosophy & pedagogy Course, submit the completed application form, online, by mail or in person, together with:

  • A current resume

  • Payment of the nonrefundable application fee

Print and complete the Application Form, then submit a copy to the centre. 

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