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Dr. Montessori saw education as a natural process for children.  This vision is implemented through the experience and wisdom of highly competent, international Montessori trainers.  Learning includes a voyage of personal discovery for student teachers.  The Montessori philosophy, which is at the heart of the course, is offered within the framework of contemporary child development.  Developmentally appropriate materials support all learning concepts and are modelled within the prepared environment. 

Course Description: 

The study of Montessori pedagogy and current medical and psychological approaches to child development from birth to three years. 

Course Content

This course has a minimum of 200 contact hours of classroom based training including lectures and supervised practice, and a minimum of 250 hours of observations of children from birth to three years. It contains the following curriculum areas:

  • Historic foundations of the scientific approach to Montessori education and philosophy

  • Stages of child development in the contemporary context

  • Environmental Design

  • Child, Family and Community

  • Personal Growth and Development

  • Observation

  • Music and Movement

  • Program Leadership and Administration

Teaching Practice and Internship

This integral aspect of the course consists of training in an approved Montessori school under the direction and guidance of an experienced Montessori certified teacher, who acts as a personal mentor.  The period of internship is one academic year.  During this year, the student teacher observes, assists and joins in all aspects of the educational and management process in the host school for a minimum of 400hrs.  Additional independent study, material making, research and projects are required.

Qualification Award  

The WLMC Diploma is awarded upon satisfactory completion of the WLMC Requirements for Certification, a document that is signed by the Director of Training and the student upon acceptance into the course. In order to be eligible to sit for the written and oral examinations a minimum attendance of 90% is required in the following: theory lectures, demonstrations of materials in each area, discussions/reviews. 

In order to receive the diploma the following requirements must be met: successful written and oral examinations, submission of acceptable albums in all areas, materials as required, observation and observation reports, practice teaching as scheduled. 

Completion of the units as specified is required for award of this qualification. 


  • To place Montessori philosophy at the core of child development

  • To provide trainee teachers with the keys to understand the relevant practical skills to meet the needs of the child

  • To train competent teachers according to the standards of the best Montessori schools

Intended Audience

  • Those who wish to train as Montessori teachers with children between the ages of birth and three years of age.

  • Pre-school teachers who want to gain more understanding of the Montessori Method and practice it.

  • Individuals seeking a career change

Admissions Requirements

For the Montessori Infant/Toddler Diploma Course submit the completed application form online, by mail or in person, together with:

  • The candidate must have a minimum of a Bachelors degree. 

  • A current resume attached with all relevant certificates

  • An official transcript

  • Three letters of recommendation: academic, employer and personal

  • A written observation report of an operational Montessori classroom

  • Payment of the nonrefundable application fee

Admission Process

Submit a completed application form by mail, in person or online with:

 • All admissions requirements above  

• Payment of the non-refundable N15,000.00 application fee 

On receipt of your complete application package (including application fee), you will be contacted for a written essay assessment.  You will then be contacted with the results and confirmation of acceptance.  

To Apply For the Montessori Infant/Toddler Diploma Course, print and complete the Application Form and submit a copy to the centre. 

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