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Are you in need of support with your child(ren) and family's home learning environment? So much of a child's learning and developmental experiences occur naturally in environments where they feel safe, secure and comfortable.  A great deal of this learning and developing occurs in the home, and creating your home for this natural and instinctual learning to occur is crucial to their overall success.  Children must feel they are contributing to their family's rhythm and cadence.  Children need a space that is developmentally appropriate for their size and perspective without compromising the family home and overtaking the adult environment.  An appropriate environment can be created in your home that will help to create an effortless, purposeful and successful space within your "whole" home.  

"The first aim of the prepared environment is, as far as it is possible, to render the growing child independent of the adult."

Maria Montessori, The Secret of the Child, 1966

WLMC offers an in-home, personalised, unique, luxury environmental design service for families interested in creating environments where their child(ren) can develop self esteem and independence while learning and acquiring skills that will last a lifetime. Options include but are not limited to: 

  • Nursery or Infant Environment (0-2.5 years)

    • Creating a nursery environment conducive for infants to rapidly develop the brain and body;  using specific materials that aide and support development, interest, growth and independence.

  • Bedroom Environment (3-6 years)

    • Creating a bedroom environment supporting the child's stage of development specific to coordination, concentration, independence and order; child centered and in proportion to the child's size and ability.

  • Activity Room Environment/Family Common Area

    • Creating a "work" room or "work" space where the child feels free to choose from an appropriately amount of activities relative to his/her readiness and stage of development.  This is a space that is created to ensure respect of the materials placed with specific intention using child sized shelving and furniture.

  • Overall/General Home Design and Styling

    • Helping to design and create an overall holistic home environment with the child in mind.  A home that offers opportunities for the child to actively participate in a meaningful manner with specific activities, and daily routines with expectations put in place to create a harmonious mutually participating surrounding. "It is up to the parent to permit the necessary exploration and also to arrange the environment so that the child can learn to do things for himself.": "Montessori a Modern Approach"

Personalised, home design packages may include but are not limited to:

 1. Initial Assessment of Your Home Environment

  • Observation of the active home environment

  • Observation of the child(ren) in his/her home space environment

  • In-home meeting with parent/caregiver/guardian to gather information on needs, wants and desired outcome of the final product and vision (this meeting requires a dedicated one-on-one dialogue with the parent/caregiver/guardian)

  • Notation of materials actively utilized by family members in the home space environment

2.     Creating the vision for your child and family's space(s)

  • Based on my observations we will work together to create a space and place that is successful and conducive to your individual family's structure.

  • Suggested "cleansing" or cleaning out of materials, toys, items etc, that are not supportive to the child's development or conducive to the family's overall success and positive routine.

  •  Based on observations and assessment of the environment, space and desired outcome, I will create a list of materials recommend for purchase through multiple Montessori and other early childhood material companies.

  • I will order these items and be responsible for accepting them upon receipt, creating an inventory of materials and organizing them prior to the day of "set-up." (For geographically separated consultations, other arrangements will be made)

3.     Environment Set-Up

  • A scheduled appointment/session with ONLY the parent/caregiver/guardian is required.  The child(ren) should not be present during this session as this will give us time to work together in creating the environment so you will know and understand the proper use of materials, philosophy and methodology behind each and every material and placement.  This will also be a time for parent support and training and a time we can engage in a question/answer session.  In addition, I might make suggestions on books, media, websites etc, that are specific to your needs and situation.

4.    Child's Introduction to the New Environment

  • After the "space" is prepared I will introduce your child to the newly prepared environment.  I will model effective language and terminology while engaging with your child and you in activity.  This experience will give you a concrete and "live" look at the environment and materials at work!

5.     In Person Follow-Up 

  • We will schedule an in-home follow-up visit approximately 14 days after the final phase of the Home Design Package.  During this visit I will assess how the environment is working, and receive feedback from you and your child about the materials, physical space and answer any questions you may have.  Any adjustments and improvements can be made at this time.

Services are provided in both an affordable and attainable manner by creating a partnership with you that is both positive and transparent to ensure success and a relationship that will last for many years to come!  For more information and to access the fee schedule regarding the consultation process please contact us.


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